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22-05 Dimpling Skins & Priming Aileron Parts


While waiting for my rivet partner Tim to have some time available to help with the flaps, I’m pressing on with the ailerons.

I dimpled the skin stiffener holes ready for priming. The manual implies that the nose skin/spar holes are NOT dimpled at this stage … I think this is because the whole structure must be clecoed together to match drill the TE holes, and I guess it’ll be more accurate without dimpled holes.


IMG 1067

Lots of stiffeners! I pinned them to polystyrene to stop them flying about during spraying.

IMG 1066

I masked off the holes at the skin trailing edges … these will be match drilled later and I intend to prime afterwards.

(NB Vans suggest this area is not primed to ensure good bonding during the TE riveting process. I intend to use a length of aluminium angle to help ensure a straight TE, as I did when building the rudder and elevators with good results. So I do intend priming this area … I think this part of the control surfaces will be susceptible to corrosion in the UK climate so I want good protection.)

IMG 1068

So here are the Aileron parts … the non-primed parts waiting to be assembled/match drilled etc prior to priming.

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