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Aft Lower Skin, Dimpling & Priming Sides 10-14 to 16

The lower aft skin required edges trimming to size, holes step drilled and a shape cut out to accommodate the tailwheel support. There is a template in the manual, which I carefully cut out and clecoed to the piece. I’d like to claim I thought of that, but credit must go to a fellow builder in Scotland! Top idea! After inking around the shape, I used the bandsaw to cut just undersize, then finished off with files.

I used the step drill to open up the two holes required, the front one to 9/16 and the rear to 3/4. My step drill didn’t have exactly 9/16, but was within a gnat’s whisker, and the hole drilling went fine. I thought the 3/4 one went fine as well, but when I stood back in the aftermath I realised it must have wandered slightly to the left whilst drilling. The hole is to allow access for a socket to secure the tailwheel, so I don’t think it’s an issue, but annoying!

Lesson learnt … large hole step drilling needs clamping!



After the side skin lower edges had been “broken” (the slight bend to help ensure a nice flat fit), the holes could be dimpled. A few holes are NOT dimpled, so be careful. The DRDT reached OK, but I used a reduced diameter die on the curved sections. On the curved edge it was easier to use the squeezer.


Once everything dimpled, time for the usual scuff, degrease & prime saga.


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