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Power Tools


I decided on these power tools based on advice from various RV builder’s web sites. Bandsaws tend to sport blades suitable only for wood, but a higher Teeth Per Inch (Tpi) is best for aluminium. I sourced an Axminster Hobby Series HBS200N Bandsaw and changed the blade to 32 Tpi High Carbon.  A Record Power Belt SanderPillar Drill and Bench Grinder filled up the table! I fitted Scotchbrite Wheels to the grinder for deburring.

I discovered during the build that the most useful deburring wheel was the “Fine” grade 3M Light De-Burring Wheel, which enabled controllable deburring of corners, notches etc. I sourced one from Cleaveland Tools, and although expensive saved a lot of time.

28 June 2023

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