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Van’s Practice Project


Well here goes …

The practice kit is really good, getting to play with the tools and generally getting a feel for how all this might work.


First dimples and rivet!!



First attempt at using the Microstop Countersink, something I’d never seen before. Kept forgetting which way to turn the thing to increase/decrease depth so drew on some arrows. I made a jig to keep the Trailing Edge angle level, since I’m going to need to achieve this somehow for the rudder TE. The wire is to prevent the bottom spinning (as advised in Section 5 of Van’s manual) but I found it easy to hold with my fingers prior to placing it against the piece anyway, so probably won’t bother with this again.


Irwin Quick-Grip Mini Clamps are really useful. Pleased I left an overhang on my benches since this is brilliant for clamping : )

Cleaveland Tools had tucked a little practice kit into the tool order .. a freebie and a nice touch. As I’ve said before, Cleaveland are just great.


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