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14-06 Flap Hinge & Torque Tube

Flap Hinge Brackets

After the marathon priming job, it was nice to start assembling the parts. I decided to try out the C-Frame back-riveting technique to set the 470AD4 rivets attaching the Flap Hinge Brackets to the ribs. 

IMG 3300

It worked pretty well, but I found that ensuring the workpiece was perpendicular to the rivet set wasn’t good enough! If the rivet isn’t perfectly perpendicular through the piece then a boot still forms! So more practice at drilling out rivets : (

IMG 3301

IMG 3369

I found that closely inspecting the rivet alignment and adjusting the workpiece accordingly produced good shop heads.

IMG 3368

It is possible to reach most of these rivets with the squeezer, using a longeron yoke. But due to the rib flanges it’s hard to ensure accurate positioning … much easier job back-riveting.

Torque Tube Assembly

IMG 3296

This is a straightforward job with the squeezer, being careful to assemble correctly. The manual only shows the left assembly, so a mirror image is needed for the right side.

IMG 3302

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