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16-02 Top Skin Preparation … Marathon Dimple Session!


IMG 3609

I remove the vinyl from the skin undersides, and in strips along rivet lines on the top. It takes a bit longer, but the strips provide a mask when priming the rivet lines on top. I do this to ensure there is primer under the rivet heads.

Skin Chamfer

Screen Shot 2018 09 05 at 21 58 24

IMG 3611

Where the inner & outer skins overlap at the front near the spar Vans suggest a chamfer to improve the look. I used a file first and then fine tuned with a sanding block. I was worried about reducing the thickness too much at the corners.

Marathon Dimpling

IMG 3617

After “breaking” the edges at the front on both skins, and on the overlap on the outer skin, it was time for dimpling.

I scuffed up the rivet lines ready for priming before dimpling since it’s easier.

Then a marathon dimpling session!! Thank goodness for my trusty DRDT2 : )

There is one #8 dimple to be made at the rear inner edge of the inner skins. Vans encourage thorough deburring of the #19 hole before dimpling to prevent possible cracks. When dimpling for the nutplate 426 rivets either side of this screw hole I used a reduced diameter dimple die to prevent distortion of the #8 dimple.

The wing stiffeners, prepared a while ago when working on the main spar, also have to be dimpled.

Before finishing the day’s work, I planned how to position the skins in the spray booth ready for tomorrow’s spraying session.

IMG 3623

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