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16-04 Machine Countersinking & Nutplates

IMG 3692

Rather than rivet on the nut plates and then machine countersink, I decided to use the technique I had used to install the wing spar nut plates

So I used the same tool I had made to provide a robust guide for the #19 countersink.

IMG 3694

Once I had aligned and clamped the guide, I used the microstop to machine the countersinks. I used a scrap piece to set up the depth.

IMG 3695

IMG 3696

I machined about 0.011″ deeper than for a flush #8 screw. This seemed to give a countersink width of 0.354″, which just happened to be the same as for the wing spars.

I used the squeezer to set the nutplate rivets. Vans suggest AD3-4’s for these, but I found AD3-4.5’s better.

So that’s Section 16 finished for the R Wing. It will be a few days before Tim will be available for starting the L Wing riveting, so I’m going to get on with preparing the Leading Edge ribs … more deburring, oh good! : (

IMG 3697

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