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17-08 Attaching LE’s to Main Spar

IMG 0106

Having clecoed the LE’s onto the main spar and checked that the tie-down hole was correctly aligned, it was time for more riveting.

I used the pneumatic squeezer for the rivets on the lower spar flange.

IMG 0101

Still using JC5 on all faying surfaces.

IMG 0139

On one of my trips to the USA I’d bought a pneumatic pop riveter, and it proved it’s worth in the rib to spar web attachment. It was so much easier to hold the tool still and set the rivets quickly and with a firm downward pressure to keep them seated correctly.

IMG 0128

The outer ribs required use of the “wedge” trick due to clearance issues. But it worked well.

IMG 0143

Whilst setting the rivets on the rib tabs I used a length of dowel to hold them flush with the spar.

IMG 0151

The rivets on the top spar flange needed the rivet gun of course ….

…. but with Tim helping it proved an easy and quick job!

IMG 0150

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