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23-05 to 09 Assembling Torque Tubes & Pushrods


I nipped up the jam nuts on one end of the pushrods, and then adjusted the other end so that the overall length was as specified in the manual, leaving that end un-torqued for the time being.


It’s been some time since I had painted all this stuff, so I was glad I had clearly marked it all to help with re-assembly.


I used my Aeroshell 5 when following the manual advice to lightly grease.


I had to move the wing on the stand slightly to be able to position the torque tubes …


… once the two ends of the torque tube assembly are pushed well together …


… there is room to align the studs.

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I was a bit concerned that torquing the hardware to the standard value might deform the tube, but it seemed just fine.

I initially used temporary nuts until I was sure things didn’t need to be taken apart again. I’m aware that good access will be needed to set the bottom skin rivets, but I can achieve that by easily removing the pushrods.

I found I needed one thin washer on both sides to ensure no pre-load on the wing structure when the aileron torque tube installation was complete.


I used cardboard on the ribs to avoid scratching the pushrods.


As others have found, when I torqued up the aileron bellcrank bolts, the free movement became slightly restricted. I think this may be because the brass bush deflects slightly as the end faces are compressed against the brackets.

If you can guarantee perfectly perpendicular end faces after you’ve fine tuned the length I guess that may avoid this little snag.

I think mine were close, since by playing around with the bush rotational position, by trial and error I found a position on both sides where the movement was perfectly free over the required range even when fully torqued. Yes, it took a while!

In order to adjust the pushrods to the correct length, the bellcrank is first set to the neutral position using the supplied template …


… and then I made a little wooden jig to ensure the torque tube was set to the specified angle at the root.

I found that I only needed to adjust the rod ends by 1/2 a turn. The accuracy of this kit is first class.

I’m not finally attaching the pushrods until after the bottom skin has been riveted.


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