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OP38 – Aileron Trim Springs


The aileron trim springs are strong, and the manual contained no advice about the best way to attach them to the control arm.

I decided that some kind of mechanical advantage was required to pull the springs together.

I decided to use large zip ties … one in each spring, and a third which acted as a pulley system.


It proved an easy job to pull the springs together by tightening the third zip tie.


I found it was necessary to connect the zip ties on each spring about 3 coils back from the hooks, enabling enough flex to be able to manipulate the hooks into the control arm holes.

It all worked easily and proved much less traumatic than I expected : )


One comment on OP38 – Aileron Trim Springs
  1. George

    I want to thank you for this spring tip. It’s extremely clever and I doubt I’d have come up with it 🙂

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