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Wing Spars Finished 13-05

Once the nutplates on the spar flanges have been riveted there are just a few more to attach to the spar web at the root & tip. The two nearest the tip are easy to reach with the squeezer, but the other two are out of reach. I decided to back rivet these, so positioned the spar on blocks to ensure a snug fit on the back rivet plate.

Root Web Nutplates


Once again, I back-riveted these. But even though I ensured the spar was shimmed to sit flat on the plate, I found on one nutplate there must have been a gap open up as I riveted, since the result was a flush rivet that wasn’t flush! Foohey Fudge Cake! So I removed the offending rivets, clamped the spar down, and tried again. All good this time.

AN470AD4-6 Rivets


These were easily set using the squeezer.



Aileron Brackets

A quick little job to attach the aileron brackets. The only question mark was what torque to use on the bolts. They screw into nutplates, and the chart in section 5 page 20 doesn’t mention nutplates?

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 08.04.43

I decided to use the top of range value for Standard Nuts. If anyone knows different, please let me know!

My torque wrench starts at 13 in-Ibs, and I’m often finding that this isn’t low enough to measure the static torque required to rotate the fastner prior to torquing. In these situations I’ve just been adding 10 in-Ibs to the torque, eg 35 in-Ibs in this case.


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