Avionics – Box Installation

Avionics Bay Supports

IMG 5487

I made the supports from 1″x1/2″x1/8″ aluminium angle, spacing them to match the hole span on the GEA 24.

IMG 5488

I match drilled two holes in each bracket for 1/8″ rivets.

IMG 5491

Having clecoed one end of the VPX brackets I match drilled the other ends to ensure a correct fit.

IMG 5499

To allow easy removal of the units through the Avionics Bay Access Hatches I decided to use nutplates.

Regulator Door

IMG 5474

I don’t yet have a B&C LR3D Regulator for the standby alternator, but I made a foam model to check I’d be able to open the access door I’d planned.

IMG 5472

Seems OK, so I went ahead and match drilled holes in the flange to attach the hinge.

IMG 5475

Most of the rivets in the F-01455B Map Box Doubler had to be removed, and then replaced with nutplates …

IMG 5478

… or flush rivets to allow the door to close and be secured with screws.


IMG 5506

All the parts primed & painted ready for installation.

IMG 5517

After riveting on the support brackets, I used AN3 bolts to attach the angles.

Back Up Battery, GAD 29 & GD 40 CO Detector

IMG 5524

To accurately position the various boxes I used paper templates to mark the holes.

IMG 5533

It took a bit of time to work out what hardware was needed to attach everything.

I wanted to use the minimum bolt lengths, but also have enough grip to ensure there was no thread in the holes.

IMG 5534

Since the TCW Back Up Battery may well need removal during its life, rather than using nuts I attached nutplates to small pieces of aluminium.

This should make it easier to remove with the restricted access in front of the sub-panel.

VPX Pro, Trig TY91 Radio, GAD 27 & GEA 24

IMG 5535

All these boxes fitted as planned in FreeCad.

Air Avionics AT 1

IMG 5536

I decided to fit the Air Avionics AT 1 box on the outboard face of the F-01456-R FWD FUSE RIB.

I should be able to access this unit via the Regulator Door.

GTX 45R Transponder

IMG 5539

The transponder fits just fine under the access door, and there should be enough room for any switches required under the left display.

B&C LR3D Regulator

IMG 5542

The regulator door will also allow access to the AT1.

OK … deep breath … wiring next!

IMG 5543

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  1. Steve, I’m going benchmark off your glove box hinged plate for my voltage regulator. Does the upper right corner interfere with the canopy closure? It looks tight but, I’m thinking there’s sufficient gap there to compensate. If you happen to have the finals dimensions of that plate; that would be helpful. Thank you, Barry

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