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G-STRV’s RV14 Build Site – Updated!

The picture above shows G-STRV on static display at Sleap Airfield, Shropshire, UK during Sleapkosh 23!

Well here is the updated web site, which I hope you will find easier to navigate and visually more appealing.

Top Tips

Top tip

Any tips in the topics are shown as in this picture.

As always please remember they are my ideas, and there may well be better ways to get the tasks completed!



I have added any relevant updates to the various topics, reflecting any changes or different advice now the build is complete.

An example is shown here.



The menu allows easy navigation to the manual sections.

“Updated Topics” at the bottom of the sections list all the topics which have been updated since they were originally published.

I’m only a fledgling web site developer, so let me know if there are any glitches : )

One comment on G-STRV’s RV14 Build Site – Updated!
  1. Chris Cooper

    Nice new site Steve.

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