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Challenger Oil Filter

IMG 1919

The oil filter supply issues and the rising cost of them persuaded me to purchase a cleanable Challenger CP48110C Oil Filter

It also has the advantage of being shorter (3.31″ / 8.4cm) and narrower than the equivilent Champion/Tempest disposable units. This is a real benefit since the access to the filter on the engine is very restricted.

It arrives with a spare gasket (CP-623 is the part number), which is replaced on condition. I purchased a few more with the order.

IMG 1920

View of the business end.

IMG 1921

The filter element is removed by depressing into the housing, then rotating left to align its three “ears” with the housing slots.

IMG 1922

Here it is removed.

IMG 1925

The spring in the bottom keeps the filter element engaged in the slots until it is nipped up during installation.

IMG 1924

The instruction sheet included with the filter states …

“Challenger cleanable oil flter with a stainless steel element, must be cleaned and visually inspected at minimum with every oil change or sooner if operating in dusty conditions. The oil filter’s cleanable element must be replaced at 1250 hours or 5 years of engine operation, whichever should occur first.”

It goes on to say about cleaning …

“Visually inspect and wash the stainless steel filter element, spring and housing and clean all metal surfaces with biodegradable cleaner, non-toxic shop solvent or soap and water. If inspection of trapped debris is desired, flush particles into a clean light colored container. Use low pressure shop air to blow dry the fiter element from the inside out to remove remaining particles or cleaning agent from the screen.”

IMG 1942

Before installation the rubber gasket surface is lubed with clean engine oil.

IMG 1926

The housing end incorporates a standard 1″ hex, and also holes for wire locking.

IMG 1939

Here is the Tempest about to be removed …

… and here is the Challenger installed. It’s smaller size enabled an easier install.

Note the wire locking is not yet done.

I’ve only flown two short flights since the filter has been installed, but so far I haven’t seen any change in oil temperatures or pressure. But I’ll report further when I’ve analysed the parameters in more detail on a longer flight.

IMG 1944

5 comments on Challenger Oil Filter
  1. Ian s

    Looks like a good move on space as well as cost

    I had a right angle adapter held over from my 7 build. But looking at your pics there won’t be room for it either ?

  2. Steve

    I’m not sure Ian … all I can confirm is that it’s busy behind there, and best to keep things as simple as possible.

  3. Mark Browning

    Thanks for the update on the challenger Filter Steve

    I’ve ordered mine from spruce so I have for the 1st oil change on my 14
    This makes perfect sense to me

  4. Barry Wawrin

    Steve: it is my understanding that this filter uses the new X-ring gasket versus the typical O-ring. If so, have you found any negative issues with the X-ring? I’ve heard they are prone to easily be pinched during installation.
    Thanks, Barry

  5. Steve Hicks

    Hi Barry … it is not a simple O-Ring profile, so probably what you call “X-Ring”, but as long as it is seated correctly in the gasket slot I can’t see an issue. We smeared engine oil on the gasket and didn’t meet any problems on installation. So far no oil leaks!

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