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Hangar Move Part 2 – Fuselage


Because of the larger wheelspan of the 6″ wheels, we had to find a trailer with a width of at least 8ft. Our friend Robin came up trumps with a trailer of 99″ width, leaving a leeway of 2.5″ each side!

This was to be an open air event, so I protected the precious canopy and surrounding areas with cardboard.


This was the moment the fuselage emerged from the workshop for the very first time, after over 4 years of work.


Looking happy to be in the open air : )


We had carefully planned the loading and securing, since this was fundamental to a successful and stress free journey.

We used a hand winch to control the slow ascent up the trailer ramp.


We made solid wheel locations from plywood/timber, and anchored it all down onto the trailer chassis with U-Bolts …


… and then used ratchets to tie it down.


Once the wheels were secured, the tail was gently tied down.

The fuselage is only just tail heavy in this configuration … it could easily tip forward!

Hence the clamps and straps : )

Screenshot 2022 02 11 at 18 02 53

The 8 mile journey, skilfully negotiated by Robin, took the fuselage through countryside …

Screenshot 2022 02 11 at 18 08 36

… town …

Screenshot 2022 02 11 at 18 10 11

… under bridges …

Screenshot 2022 02 11 at 18 12 15

… before arriving at Sleap Airfield, Shropshire.


The arrival outside its new home.


Only one hurdle left … to get it safely off the trailer.


Meeting our Jodel D120 for the first time.

Safe and sound in the hangar.

The paint shop is just next door, and is expecting to begin work next week. Better get on & remove the plastic then!

This move was full of jeopardy, but detailed planning and the help of Tim, Glen, Simon & Al ensured a happy outcome.

But a special thanks goes to Robin, who provided the trailer, advice and a well paced drive to the airfield.


3 comments on Hangar Move Part 2 – Fuselage
  1. Frank Dressel

    Congrats! Loved the photos and your commentary. Hope the painting goes smoothly.

  2. Dave Kay

    Well done Steve & Co .. a Big Phewee all round πŸ‘πŸ₯‚

  3. James Hicks

    Well done! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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