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Counterweights 09-26 – Elevators Finished!

Having read other builder’s comments about the difficulty of trimming the lead weights, I must admit to cheating! It so happens that Tim’s lad, John, is doing an engineering apprenticeship, and has access to a milling machine. He kindly volunteered to trim the lead weights to size, saving me lots of time and several saw blades : )



I used my torque wrench to nip up the weight attachment hardware.

Outside Weights


Vans specify a washer and lock nut on the outside. Question is, do I trust this to stay fastened for evermore, especially as lead is quite soft. It will have to be evermore, since the tip fairing will make the nuts inaccessible.

Not sure yet, will get more advice.



Elevators all finished at last … they have proved to be quite involved and time consuming.

I made a rack between the rafters of my workshop to keep them safe and sound until they are next needed.


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