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Empennage Inventory


The kit arrives with 8 sheets of parts to check all present and correct.

Vans gives you 30 days to check for omissions, but everything needs to be checked. Thank goodness rivets do not need to be counted, they are generous with numbers I’m told. Lots of bags of hardware, some containing aluminium parts.


Initially I thought the bags were a hint to keep related items together, but in the end I just put all hardware into labeled drawers in a wall cabinet. Then when the plans call out for eg K1000-6, I’ll just go to the drawer and find one. Found a “Standard Aircraft Handbook” in the kit, didn’t realise they were going to send one … I’d already bought a copy. Useful for working out what all the hardware numbers mean.


Kit packed really well, impressive actually. Enough paper to open a paper shop.


Largest items are the 2 fuselage rear top skins.

Only found one thing wrong. They had accidently sent me two F01412B’s, when I should have had a F01412A. An email quickly got an apology from Vans, with the correct part sent straight away. Really good service. Now I’ve got a practice B : )


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