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Dimpling & Priming Skins

I used the soldering iron to remove the vinyl from the outside rivet lines.  Then deburred the skin edges using the Vixen File and then the 1″ Scotchbrite Wheel on my 90º Die Grinder.

Hole Deburring


The manual doesn’t mention any final drilling of the skin holes. The holes have been punched from the outside, so they only seem to need a light deburring on the inside surface where the punching process leaves a slight burr.

More DRDT-2 Action


Although an easy job it is very repetitive, so you still have to concentrate to make sure the lever is not pulled when things aren’t positioned correctly.


As always there was some head scratching to work out how to get access to the holes nearest the LE. In the end I had to take off the DRDT-2 handle, leaving in effect a small lever which I was just able to operate to form the dimples.



Much easier for me to prime the skins on their own … they take up a lot of room!


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