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Priming Horizontal Stabilser

Decided to prime the sub structure parts, then do the skins in another session. I went back to placing the parts on the wire mesh for spraying, much quicker to set up than hanging on hooks. Also more stable for spraying.



Parts Acid Etched. I heated the booth up to about 20ºC, then switch the heater off for spraying. Of course with the extraction fan running the booth air soon draws in colder air from the workshop and so cools. But I’ve found it stays reasonably warm for the spraying, then when finished the heater soon warms the booth back up for drying. It dries in about 20 mins if the temperature is about 20ºC. When dry a quick flip of the parts to spray the reverse sides.

Top Coat

Light top coat of white acrylic enamel to seal the acid etch.

Dimpling skins next.


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