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Lots of Dimples

Nearly time to prime all the prepared parts, but lots of dimpling to be done first. Some people advocate dimpling after priming, but I’ve decided to get all the preparation of the parts done first, hence disturbing the primed parts as little as possible.

J Stiffeners


Vans suggest dimpling the  J stiffeners with a reduced diameter female die. I used one, but to be honest I think the standard one from Cleaveland would be just fine. There was plenty of clearance before the die would distort the J bend. I suspect other dies are available which are larger diameter than the standard ones from Cleaveland, hence Van’s comment?

Bottom Skin


The edges of the bottom skin needed deburring of course. Not so easy to finish on the Scotchbrite Wheel!

So I clamped it to the edge of the workbench and gently removed the little jagged saw teeth with the vixen file, as I always start the deburring process.


Then I removed the edge burr with the Edge Deburring Tool.


Finally smoothing off the edge with fine (320 – 600 grit) emery cloth on a rubber sanding block. Seemed to work well, producing a smooth edge equivalent to that produced by a run on the Scotchbrite wheel.

DRDT-2 Again

The DRDT-2 once again is proving its worth. Makes dimpling an easy and quick job.


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