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38-02 Initial Fitting of Rear Window

Well here goes … the Rear Window. I first trimmed off the excess plastic protective covering from the edges.


A piece of cardboard on top of the Roll Bar Brace helped to keep the back of the window in position.


I discovered it was easier to see & adjust the window into position with the fuselage upside down.

It took some time to fine tune the best position, since small adjustments at the front changed the overlap quite a lot.


Anyway, once in position, I marked the position of the Roll Bar Brace Brackets on the window for the trimmed areas.

It turned out that I needed to trim the slots to about 8mm (5/16″) depth.

Having trimmed the window and reinstalled it to check the fit, I also discovered that I needed to trim two small indents to clear the edge of the dimples on the rivets shown by the arrows in the picture.


I trimmed the slots with a Dremel EZSpeedclic Plastic Cutting Wheel.


I rounded the corners with sandpaper wrapped round a small piece of scrap dowel.


This picture was taken later in the process, but shows one of the indents to clear the rivet dimple I mentioned further up in this post.


The window back in position after trimming the slots. Not too much overhang at the front to trim off later.

I’d marked some holes to help with replacing the window back into position.

I carefully cut away the protective plastic in the areas which will lie on the airframe to ensure a good fit.

Next job involves drilling … GULP!


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