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37-06 to 08 Attaching Rollover Structure

Now that the fuselage antennae are installed it was time to fit the Rollover Structure.

Consider “Breaking” the F-01475 Top Skin and the F-01474-L & -R Top Side Skins as shown on page 38-13 item 13. In hindsight it would have been much easier to do it without the rollover structure fitted.


Quick job to cleco it all in place.


Once the CS4-4 rivet is set on the forward face, the doublers can be clecoed in place. Don’t forget the bronze bush!

As I found out later … consider inserting the C-01426 Canopy Latch Pins as you rivet these bushes in place to ensure perfect alignment.

The manual suggests you set the side rivets first … all LP4-5 pop rivets : )


Then the doubler rivets.

There are different sizes here due to the different metal thicknesses.


The bucking bar needs to be dusted off for setting the various Roll Bar Brace to F-01406C Bulkhead AD4 rivets.


The last job in this section is to attach the F-14125 Skin Stiffeners, and set the few remaining rivets in the side skins.

Two are left at the front to allow access whilst installing the rear window.

The rotisserie once again very helpful!


Right, now I’m ready to start fitting the rear window.


One comment on 37-06 to 08 Attaching Rollover Structure
  1. Frank E Dressel

    Steve, Hello again. If you have the time, two questions:
    First, in your “Build Stages” “Select a Category” you include a number in parenthesis after each category. What does this number stand for? I’m building the fuselage now and trying to layout a timeline for my build. I’m hoping this number might be some indication of the length of time each section took you to complete.
    Second, you often refer to “2K” paint. Is that a brand or maybe 2000 degree high temperature paint?
    Thanks again.

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