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38-32 to 33 Fans, Seal & Switch!

Canopy Microswitch

A very pleasant few jobs attaching items to the canopy – and no sanding!

The canopy microswitch is easily installed … but you’ll need a little spanner, or another cunning plan, to hold the nuts as the bolts are rotated.

Defog Fans


When I test fitted the Defog Fans I noticed that the red stickers showed through the canopy glareshield grills.

So I had the bright idea to remove the stickers … but discovered that they were protecting some electronics.

So plan B … hide the red areas with a black permanent marker!


The front bolts near the canopy do not allow access for a screwdriver.

This is what I came up with to get the job done.


Fans installed with the wires tie wrapped until later.

Rear Seal


I decided not to install the front and bottom seals yet. I’ll fit these just before I finally install the canopy.

But I wanted to fit the rear seal so I could nip up the canopy bolts in “Zone 3”.

It was easiest to rest the canopy upside down for best access.

The seal inserted easily under the canopy clip, the barbs on the seal flange locating firmly.


I used a ring spanner to hold the nuts as I gently tightened the bolts!

I couldn’t face a crack!

I trimmed the ends with a sharp knife to complete the job.


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