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45-19 to 20 Cowl Inlet Ramps


Work on the Inlet Ramps begins with the usual trim to a scribe line.


And then more fine tuning to achieve the best fit.

I marked the the postioning scribe lines for easy reference when lining them up on the aft edges of the cowl air inlets.

Once happy with the location, holes are match drilled just into the core material on the cowling. It’s easy to tell when you have drilled far enough.


Scuffing the bonding area.


Since we have an MT Prop Governor fitted, the cutout required didn’t quite match the Hartzell scribe lines.

It took several test cowling fits to fine tune the correct hole cutout.

I took off too much in one area actually, but being fibreglass it was easy to bond a bit back on ; )


I put two NAS1149FO363P washers under each cleco, and they gripped just fine during the bonding.

Some Beeswax liberally applied prevented the clecos getting stuck!


Various areas have to be filled to provide a smooth transition for the baffle seals.

After a bit of scuffing and degreasing …

… and some Microballoons and Filler … all done.


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