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Finish Kit Arrival & Inventory

Christmas pressy!

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I press-ganged a few mates to help with the Finish Kit Box’s final journey from lorry into the workshop!

It only cost some bacon butties on a cold winter’s morning : )


I used OIA Global for this shipment. I’d used them for the Wings & Fuselage, and they did another good job, with a hassle-free import.


The usual very well packed Vans box …


… with lots and lots of paper.


Engine mount and gear legs well secured.


The engine mount in all its glory!

Then began the fun of checking all the contents.


As I’ve done with all the other inventories, I recorded in a spreadsheet where in the workshop I squirrelled away all the bits. Makes it a lot easier when building.

Most of it can be checked quickly, except the dreaded hardware bags …


… which all have varied content as you can see.

It takes ages to sort, count and find a suitable home.

Screws screws and yet more screws.


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