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32-02 to 03 UHMW Bushings


The flap torque tube bushings are made from UHMW, whatever that is?

A bit of research revealed it’s Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene, which is quote “a very tough material”.

Well I can agree with that! I scratched my head for a while deciding how to cut this material accurately with perpendicular edges etc.

I decided to try the bandsaw, and marked out the cuts with masking tape … I tried marker pen but couldn’t see the lines clearly enough.

I found it would cut OK if I advanced the material slowly.


Then I finished off and fine-tuned the cuts on the vertical sander.

I had to put on a new belt, since my well used one just wouldn’t cut the flippin stuff!


Turned out OK.


Vans say do not torque the installation bolts, just quote …

“Tighten the nuts and bolts just enough to increase the turning friction of the bolts in the blocks”

IMG_3123 IMG_3131

AN257-P3 hinge

The first challenge is to decipher to which hinge material the manual is referring.

I again found the Vans FAQ About RV Kit Hinges to be helpful.

At about this point, my Finish Kit arrived, which proved a distraction : )


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