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25-03 Aft Center Section Bulkhead Assembly

I primed the Aft Center Section Bulkhead & Forward Center Section Bulkhead flanges after machine countersinking the nut plate and lower skin holes.


IMG 1614

I riveted the nutplates onto both bulkheads, a quick job with the squeezer.

Side Angles

IMG 1621

The manual suggests you insert temporary bolts to align the F-01404D Side Angles. 

Reading ahead to page 25-06 you discover that when the riveting is complete, these holes are reamed to 0.375″.

But at this stage, the snag with this is the AN6 bolts are extremely tight in the holes. But I managed to get the bolts in far enough to get the job done.

IMG 1619

I used the C-Frame to back rivet the 470’s.

It took a bit of time to jig the bulkheads, but once done the rivets set nicely and quickly.

IMG 1620

The manufactured head of the rivets are on the aft side of the side angle, so I had to position the bolts from the forward side to rivet this way.

IMG 1624

There are two 426’s to set, and I was just able to get the squeezer in position to do these with the longeron yoke.

5 rivets on the inboard edges are left until later!

IMG 1623

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