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28-02 to 04 Riveting Stiffeners & Doublers

I used the C-Frame to help with back riveting the antenna doublers.

A mushroom set in the C-Frame underneath the workpiece seems to work a treat.


I was worried about dropping something on the skins during all this, so used cardboard for protection!


The Muffler Hanger Angles are riveted to the doublers/tunnel sides with 470AD4-5’s. I tried squeezing these on one side, which worked OK, but I found that back-riveting the other side gave better results … it was hard to prevent the tunnel sides from flexing during the squeeze process.

A quick little job to attach the nut plates to the Fuel Pump Brackets.

Consider fitting extra nutplates to F-14108A & B at this stage to help with attachment P-Clips for the wiring harness. See this topic which explains.

28 June 2023


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