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29-07 to 08 Cowling Hinges

The first challenge is to identify the correct hinge material.

Vans FAQ’s ABOUT RV KIT HINGES might help.

I wasn’t sure what length of these hinges are required later on, so I just fabricated them as per the manual but not wasting any more length than necessary.

I had made a little T-Piece ages ago when making the hinges for the trim tab, so I used this again to mark the reference line.


The fuselage side skins are attached during the hinge match drilling, so as always I prepared and deburred the skins first.


Then manual asks you to cleco the lower longerons to the side skins prior to clecoing on the side skin to the fuselage. I found that when I did this it was hard to lift the flange on the longeron doubler over the fuselage lower skin flange.

So I ended up fitting the lower longerons to the firewall first, and then attaching to the side skins once they were in position.

I used AN6-11A bolts to temporarily attach the longerons.

Match Drilling


Here is the first cleo in the pilot hole.

Screenshot 2019 10 19 at 19 35 36 Screenshot 2019 10 19 at 19 35 47

The manual is confusing here … Step 7 asks you to begin drilling above the pilot hole, whereas the diagram shows a lower position.

Must be a mistake … starting above the pilot hole is obviously the correct way.


I clamped and match drilled, clecoing the holes as they were drilled.


It all worked out.

Machine Coutersinking

I clamped a block of plywood to the drill press, with a hole for the countersink bit pilot.

This made it quick to slide the hinge along and position the countersink cage.



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