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29-15 Arm Rests, Center Section Channels & Roll Bar Angles

Roll Bar Angles

Clamping the F-01460-L Intercostals in the vice provided a stable way to set the -4 rivets with the squeezer.


Squeezed the F-01405D-L Bulkhead Side Channel/Roll Bar Angle rivets as well.

Center Section Channels


My pneumatic pop rivet gun made short work of riveting the Center Section Channels.


Several of the LP4-3 rivets needed the little wedge because of access.

I taped areas to try & protect the paintwork.

Arm Rests


A piece of thin plastic sheet worked well to protect the paint when setting the arm rest internal rivets with a long set.

There wasn’t room to use the long set for the F-01491-L Fuselage Side Rib, F-01458-L Side Frame and F-01422-L Fuselage Side Rib rivets, but actually a normal set on the gun worked just fine.


I used the wedge again for the front internal arm rest pop rivets.


Once all the rivets had been set down near the Lower Drag Fittings, I decided to torque the nuts.

I used an extension and universal joint to get access onto the outboard nuts. Without it here wasn’t room to manipulate my torque wrench up against the side skin.

I was surprised how much resting torque it needed to turn the AN365-624A nuts, as much as 60 in/lbs. AN6 nuts need 160-190 in/lbs, so I torqued to 230 in/lbs.


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