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Beringer Brakes

I decided to fit Beringer Brakes and wheels, and the delivery man brought them today! I ordered them from Adams Aviation here in the UK, and it took about 2 months for them to arrive.

I asked Beringer to supply the TS Flightline brake line kits for RV14 as well … it all looks very nice.

There are lots of bags full of bits and bobs … I just hope I’ll be able to work out where it all fits!

Building this plane is a voyage of discovery and research … and lots of “help, phone a friend”!

As you’ll see later on in this build account, I eventually decided to fit larger wheels. I replaced these Beringer 5.00×5″ with 6.00×6″ wheels, which also meant replacing the Vans wheel spats with one’s supplied by SkyDesign Engineering.

28 June 2023

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