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29-18 Root Fairing Attach Angles

I’d already fluted, dimpled and primed the Attach Angles whilst waiting for my rivet partner Tim to be available for the side skin riveting.

Vans suggest you leave two nutplates on the F-14120 Angles until after fitting, so you can get access for riveting.

A tip from a fellow RV14 builder suggested that I leave an extra nutplate on each F-14120 Angle until later. Top idea as you’ll see below, so I did!


The Attach Angles have compound curves, so I found it easiest to clamp them onto wooden blocks to keep things rigid when riveting on the nutplates.


With Tim helping it was a quick job to rivet on the Fairing Attach Angles. We started at the front and worked back as per the manual advice.


The -4 rivets near the mainspar needed a long rivet set.


The manual instructed several pages ago (29-13 Step 8) to torque the Upper Drag Fitting bolts.

We ended up undoing the nut & pushing the bolt back to get good access for the bucking bar to set the rivet near the spar.

So it might be worth considering to only torque when this pesky rivet is set.


Definitely a good plan to leave that extra nutplate until later … allowed easy access for the pop rivet gun.

Web Stiffeners


The F-01463 Web Stiffeners were easily riveted using the squeezer … easy access for a change!

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