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29-19 & 20 Seat Brace & Preparing Section 30 parts


Lots of nutplates to attach on the Bulkheads.

Shoulder Harness Lugs


I used the squeezer for these rivets.


I just stopped myself from riveting the Lug Clips on the wrong side!

Seat Brace


Easy riveting job at the start of this process … don’t worry, it gets more challenging!


The Seatback Guides are bolted on. I just nipped the nuts … I think the MS35214-31 bolts are brass painted black.


Easy Pop-Riveting job to attach the Seat Back Adjustment Guides.

The Seat Back Brace now ready for installation in the fuselage.


We managed to get the squeezer on 4 of the rivets each side, but needed to buck the ones nearest the longeron.


Setting the Gusset rivets was the challenging part of this job.

We managed to squeeze some, but the ones nearest the brace had very restricted access.

We lifted up the front of the fuselage to ensure the aft floor was flat on the bench carpet, and then Tim laid on some board to position the bucking bar.

Good job he’s been on a diet recently!

Anyway, once the Gussets had been riveted it was an easier job to attach the Intercostals.

Here’s the brace all installed. Just the Roll Bar Bases to bolt on and the Yaw Servo Mount to install in the aft fuselage and it’ll be time for the great fuselage join.


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