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29-21 & 58-02 Last jobs before the Join

Yaw Servo Mount


I temporarily screwed the Yaw Servo Mount to the Pitch Servo Mount and clamped it to the bulkhead.



I found it easier to set the rivets with the gun with the Aft Fuselage on its side.

NB fetching hat … getting chilly here in UK.

Roll Bar Bases


Checking the residual drag on the bolt head prior to torquing up.

It’s only possible to get a torque wrench on the bolt head due to no access underneath.

The MS21042-4 nuts (they have a little flange) balanced nicely in a ring spanner to position onto the bolt threads in between the Intercostals.

At last that is Section 29 finished (all except the Vent Assemblies which Vans advise leaving until Section 35 is complete)

Next up … The Join!


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