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32-05 to 08 Section in the bag!

Baggage Floor Installation

Once all the underfloor structure was as clean as possible, I clecoed on the baggage floors.


In the next Section 33 Brakes page 33-11 it gets you to insert SB750-10’s, which by then would be under the floor.

You can still get to them, but I thought it easier to add these before installing the floors.


Once again being able to position the fuselage on its side made access very easy.

And the pneumatic pop-rivet gun made setting lots of LP4-3’s very enjoyable! : )


A few places needed the usual wedge.


The tab rivets on the aft edge of the floors needed my long set.


I managed to squeeze most of the rivets around the edge of the Step Access Panel … but you’d need the smallest yoke to get all of the blighters. So some faced the bucking bar, being very careful not to damage the nut plates.


I used the squeezer for all the nut plates and -4 rivets on the inside & front edges of the floors.


It was a quick little job to rivet on the seat back hinges.

Flap Motor Channel & Brackets


The Flap Motor Channel & Brackets assembled easily, and I only had to buck the bottom 4 rivets.

Baggage Side Covers


These assembled quickly. The manual on page 32-08 calls out 426 rivets for the rear tabs … they obviously mean 470’s.

Only one awkward rivet …


… the one between the two side channels.

My hand pop riveter just fitted in the gap, with a fierce angle even with the wedge!

So that’s it, section 32 finished.

The last note in the manual says

“If you choose to do so, now is a good time to paint the cockpit interior.”

Now I have a nice smug feeling, because I already have! : )

To be honest, there is a finishing touch to do … I’ve always wanted an excuse to own a little airbrush, so I’ve just bought one and will use it to spray the rivets that will be visible.


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