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33-03 to 04 Brake Pedals

As mentioned before, I had already got the brake pedals anodised.


I was in two minds about whether to paint the white powder coating, as there is no need. But for purely cosmetic reasons I decided to give it a go …


… before spraying I gently scuffed the powder coating. I took the opportunity to spray the control columns as well.

I’ve purchased two Tosten Miltary Grips together with the RV14 Control Columns. They are reduced in length to ensure clearance for the grips on the intrument panel.


The 2K Black Satin adhered just fine.

Riveting the Brake Pedals


The pedal rivets have to be set in the correct order as per the manual, otherwise you will block access.

The squeezer just fitted.


A bit of pop riveting finishes the job.

Fitting the Brake Pedals

This took a bit longer than I thought, since I found the mounting tabs had to be adjusted, and a combination of spacer washers found to give a secure pedal, but free movement.

The manual suggests a heavy soft-faced hammer to adjust the tabs, but I just used my Seam Adjuster.


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