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33-05, 06 and a bit of 10. Rudder Bearing Blocks, Reservoir & Flanged Couplings

I’m fitting Beringer Brakes, and when I went to fit the Master Cylinders I discovered some bushes missing. So while I’m waiting for them to arrive, I moved on to prepare the bearing blocks.


After marking the required holes through the template, I used my drill press to ensure perpendicular holes.

Clamp the workpiece, since although the drill bit cuts the material easily, it tends to drag it up!


You use the F-14104 Support Angle as a template to drill the middle bearing block, aligning the ends.

But when I looked at the block, I noticed the rudder pedal holes were not the same distance from the block edge at both ends.

So I stretched some thread across to check which end I should align. I didn’t want any misalignment for obvious reasons.


The middle block is cut in half, so I used my bandsaw. I used tape to indicate the line of cut …


… and then my vertical sander to finish off, being careful not to take away too much material.

When fitting the block there are NAS1149F0363P washers between the two halves, and I found by trial fitting around the rudder pedal tubes I could fine tune the sanding to get a snug fit.

FLF-00010 Flanged Couplings


There is a note about now to consider installing the FLF-00010 Flanged Couplings (if you are building a taildragger). Without doubt this is a good plan, so I did!

Actually, if you are reading this and still have an unassembled firewall destined for a taildragger, I’d drill the holes for these now!

The first challenge is to use a step drill to make 13/16″ holes as per the manual. This worked out OK, but not easy to use the step drill through steel in a hand held.

Then the holes in Flanges are match drilled through the firewall. Once the first hole is drilled, it’s easy to cleco etc. But to make the first hole I decided to mark and centre punch, as in the pictures …


… and then match drill adding clecos.

Reservoir & Flange attachment – more Sticky Stuff!


Yes, the Proseal comes out again … the flanges and Brake Fluid Reservoir are attached to the firewall and sealed as usual.


Masking up to keep the Gunge Monster under control!

IMG_3329 IMG_3331


Nipping up the reservoir bolts.


The rivet gun and bucking bar came out for the flange rivets.


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