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33-11 & 12 Rudder Cables

The rudder cables are threaded underneath the baggage floor through the previously installed snap bushings.

All made much easier by being able to turn the fuselage on its side!

Screenshot 2020 02 02 at 12 15 47

Screenshot 2020 02 02 at 12 16 04

This is a nice little job … yes … but it took a while and a few frustrating hunts for dropped nuts etc due to the usual access issues.


Eventually mission accomplished …


… with a little bit of polyethylene sleeve through the spar web. I might put a snap bushing around this as well?


The cable guides are easily attached with AACQ4 pop rivets.


I attached the cables in the shortest position as a first guess until I rig the rudder … my pedals are on the rearmost holes.

That’s it, Section 33 complete … apart from finally nipping up the co-pilot’s brake cylinder to reservoir hose … I’m suspicious that it’s a tad short. We’ll see.


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