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34-02 Flap Torque Arm

I used a 1/4″ reamer to open up the attachment points on the Flap Crank and Torque Arms.


Having checked my bench was still flat, I clamped the Torque Arms & Crank with the jig as per the manual ready for drilling.


I marked the required dimension on the bench and lined it all up to be as precise as possible.


Then went for it! The steel was hard, so Boelube came in useful.

When setting up for the second Torque Arm it was easy to become confused about the orientation … be careful.

To get the #12 final drilling as accurate as possible I jigged the assemblies on the drill press. I had tried the first hole with a handheld, and decided it wasn’t good enough. The drill press took longer to set up, but was by far the best way.


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