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35-15 to 17 Gas Springs, Canopy Release Mechanism & Hinge Doublers

Gas Springs


The holes in both ends of the Gas Springs have to be final drilled to 1/4″ … I used my 1/4″ reamer

Then a quick little job to attach the forward ends, ensuring that after you’ve nipped up the AN316-4R nut the struts can still rotate freely.

Canopy Release Assembly


I hadn’t realised how many jobs the W-00026 template would be used for (don’t loose it!) … here it is again, this time as a jig for the Canopy Release Mechanism.


I managed to clamp it together for drilling, but not very securely. Got the job done though.

I opened up the hole in stages … it’s quite hard to accurately drill into a cylinder I’ve discovered, even if you have centre-punched etc.


I used the suggested 3 pieces of paper between the Pivot Block and the Arm whilst clamping, which seemed to work out just fine.

I had trimmed the Pivot Block as specified in the manual using a sharp craft knife.

Canopy Release Pushrods


I came up with this cunning method to ensure the holes at either end of the pushrods were drilled parallel.

After clamping the rods to a flat surface, by gently scraping a set square along …


… this produced lines as a datum ready for centre punching at the specified points.


I then used a block of wood with some channels cut that I’d used for something else … this provided secure support for the rods.

I fine tuned the lengths on the vertical sander.


Centre punched …


… then drilled. I again opened up the holes gradually with smaller drills.


After inserting one of the MS20392-2C13 pins, I discovered it would sit on its flat top, providing an ideal way to use the set square technique to mark the slots at right angles to the holes.


I cut the slots by hand … then filed to size.

You need a thin file (less than 1/16″) for the smaller slot.


Here we are, the pushrods completed.

Hopefully never to be needed in anger!!!

Release Pins


F-01471A Skin Doublers


I think these doublers end up as a clip for the canopy hinge covers.

I used my deburring tool to countersink for the AD2 rivets … they are very small !

Similarly in the Top Fwd Skin … hmmm, more double flush riveting coming up.


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