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35-08 & 13 Upper Fwd Fuselage Assembly & Panel Frame Assembly

Riveting the Upper Fwd Fuselage Assembly to the fuselage went pretty easily …


… apart from having to modify the rotisserie frame to get the rivet gun onto a couple of rivets on the firewall : )


The Canopy Hinge Brackets have to be temporarily attached, I guess to position the Canopy Hinge Ribs ready to final drill with the Top Fwd Fuselage Skin.

Once that’s done they’ll be removed to allow access for riveting.

Panel Frame Assembly


First job is to rivet on some nutplates together with the Instrument Panel Angles


And then the other nutplates, being careful to leave the ones which will be attached later as the panel is riveted into position.


Finally the Flange Doubler is riveted to the Instrument Panel Angles.

Thinking ahead to fitting the avionics boxes etc, I’m pretty sure I’ll need some more nutplates along the bottom flange of the Panel Frame Assembly to attach trays etc.

So I don’t plan to rivet this assembly into position until later, when I have more idea about the Avionics installation.


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