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35-02 to 07 Upper Fwd Fuse Assembly

Fwd Fuse Ribs

Riveting starts with the Fuselage Fwd Ribs … it’s always fun trying to work out the best way to support the workpieces so they are rock solid during the riveting.


The usual Chinese Puzzle manoevering the squeezer onto the rivets!


I positioned a 1/4″ drill in the Gas Spring Bracket holes to ensure alignment.


Fwd ribs completed … I had made doubly sure that the 426’s were flush to avoid future issues … the manual emphasises this point!

Pivot Block Channel


It’s a good plan to follow the order of riveting advised by Vans … it’s a one-way street!!!


Thankfully they let you off with a couple of CCR-264SS’s, giving an outing for my pop rivet gun.


On page 35-03 it gives you an option to trim the C-01436 Pivot Block Channel … as you can see, I’m glad I did : )

Hinge Rib & Channel Assemblies


No chance for the squeezer on most of these rivets, so the Cleaveland C-Frame proved its worth once again.

It doesn’t take too long to jig the workpiece, and I find this tool gives consistent results when back riveting.

Instrument Panel Stand-Offs


Using the C-Frame wasn’t an option for these due to the ribs now attached the other side of the sun panel.

So I came up with this arrangement to secure everything for the rivet gun and bucking bar.


All went OK with an extension on the gun for the rivet set.


I managed to get the squeezer on the rivets at the bottom of the ribs.

Connector Brackets


The Connector Brackets have some 426’s, with no easy way to get a gun or squeezer on the case.

So I ended up with this arrangement to back rivet the blighters.

Seal Angles


The Seal Angles went on pretty easily with the squeezer, except for the rivets near the ribs.

I used the C-Frame technique for these.

So here it is … ready for installation in the fuselage, the next job!

For those of you wondering, the un-primed areas on the sub panel flanges are where there will be Tank Sealant applied when the Forward Top Skin is attached.


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