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I have designed a “Bus C” in to the electrical system for two reasons:


Extra fused power sources

There is lots of debate about the pros and cons of Cb’s v Fuses in aircraft electrical systems. If a CB trips during flight it’s very rare that it’s sensible to reset until the cause is investigated … preferably on the ground!

So I’ve opted for a fused Busbar C, avoiding unsightly CB’s cluttering up the cockpit. This is one advantage of the VPX system, so I wanted to avoid unnecessary visible CB’s for the extra power sources on Bus C.

I wanted to mount it between the VPX and the GEA 24 in the avionics bay on the support bars, so I made a mounting plate.


In order to allow clearance for the GEA 24 connectors, it had to be mounted lower.

I considered drilling the holes the the support bars in situ, but eventually admitted defeat and removed them … another hour added to the build time : )


I was concerned that the mount might vibrate, so decided it would be safest to attach a little stiffener. I want to keep everything as light as possible, but as with everything in aircraft design, it’s a compromise.

I fabricated the stiffener from a piece of spare J Angle.


All primed and ready to install.


I worked on this with the fuselage on its side in the rotisserie. Much easier!


I’m hoping the geometry will all work out and allow room for the connectors and wires.


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  1. Jonathan

    As always Steve, amazing work.

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