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More bits have arrived!

Well, after ordering the Fuselage and Wings on March 1st, 2018, they have arrived today after 13 weeks. Their journey has taken them by road from Oregon to Montreal, then on a cargo ship to Southampton, and finally to Shropshire by Luton Van.

The shipping was arranged by OIA Global, and I have to say they did a great job. They were offered as an option by Vans, and the shipping arranged by them. I made friends with a nice lady in their Heathrow office, and after sending appropriate paperwork with the special codes, she made sure the import went smoothly without any issues … ie not having to pay import duty due to the crates containing aircraft parts. I also sent links from the GOV/UK web site to ensure the aircraft part rule was properly understood. I can thoroughly recommend OIA Global, and will use them again when the Finishing Kit/Engine is shipped.


The van driver arrived at 0730 in the morning! I had arranged for 4 mates to help with the unload, due to the fuselage crate weighing over 300Ibs.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 20.34.26

I’m involved with a charity air display this weekend, but have a few days off next week. These will be filled with completing the inventory, although Vans do allow 31 days to spot any omissions.


2 comments on More bits have arrived!
  1. Chris

    Loving that even your unloaders (made up word) are in flying suits! Did Tim get you a stude for a job?

  2. Steve

    Observant as always Chris, you are spot on! “Stude for a job with a hat!” He’s with Tim converting to the EC135.

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