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Section 30 Fuselage Join Complete!

Another couple of sessions saw the fuselage join riveting finished.

We followed the manual advice concerning riveting order closely again. The one’s up the fuselage sides and top were straightforward to set, especially with being able to rotate the fuselage on the rotisserie to improve access.


LP4-3’s are used on the baggage rib flanges at the very lower positions, but 470’s in the remaining holes.

We put the manufactured head on the flanges where possible, but at the outer “triangles” there is no way to fit a gun, so they had to be bucked from the aft side of the bulkhead.

The rivets down the bottom were the most challenging due to limited access.

Thankfully Van’s let you off with one MK-319-BS pop rivet in the impossible position!

Anyway, all done now so the fuselage is officially joined : )


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