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Paintshop Progress 6 – The Fade!


When we designed the paint scheme, having seen other schemes with a “paint fade”, we decided it would look nice to have the white checks on the elevators and rudder to emerge from a red fade effect.

Obviously to achieve this is not without risk … a mistake would ruin many hours of painstaking, careful work.

But the paintshop team were confident …

… and here is Simon, one of the paintshop team, showing off his handiwork with a well deserved proud look on his face, for he’s done a superb job.

He used an airbrush to achieve the effect.


Here’s the left elevator, showing the sheen after the lacquer was applied.


Jumping ahead a bit, since I haven’t yet described attaching the tail feathers, but I couldn’t resist showing the full effect of the fade.

We are delighted with the superb results and the expertise of Shropshire Aircraft Painting.

The wings etc should be finished next week.


3 comments on Paintshop Progress 6 – The Fade!
  1. Sean

    Fantastic stuff!

  2. Keith Moore

    Looks terrific! Thanks for taking the time to post your journey throughout the build, its a great achievement and you have a fantastic aircraft, nice one!

  3. Lew MacKechnie

    It’s beautiful Steve…Gotta love that fade!!

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