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Rear Spar Priming

Of course priming begins by using Maroon Scotchbrite to lightly scuff, then by degreasing with Acetone.


IMG 3455

The spars are quite long, so I ended up fitting them diagonally across my spray booth. The picture shows the smaller parts with the acid etch applied, and the spars have had the white acrylic sprayed on over the top of the acid etch.

IMG 3458

All finished, so I left it for a few days while I was away at work, to allow the paint to harden before riveting.

IMG 3457

Rib Tab Holes

When final drilling the rear spar to the rib tabs, the ribs had already been primed. So I decided for completeness to spot prime the holes. It only took a few minutes after raiding the bathroom for a cotton bud!

IMG 3456

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