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LAA Metalwork Course

Learning about rivets!


Tim and I attended the LAA (Light Aircraft Association) Metalwork course. Very useful indeed, a great way to see if putting in all those rivets might just be possible! Now proud owners of a tool box : )

Tool box kit

Vans sell a toolbox practice kit, and this is what we made during the course.

Those of you in the UK and interested in the courses can find the details here.

2 comments on LAA Metalwork Course
  1. Matt Whiting

    I am about to start a homebuilt project. Leaning towards an RV-14 also, but may do the 12 just so I can store it at home and trailer it to the airport. I really like the clean look of your web site and the easy navigation. Did you design it yourself? Do you use a hosting service?

  2. Steve

    Glad you like the web site layout … I use a free WordPress template called MH Newsdesk lite by MH Themes (https://www.mhthemes.com), and you can customise the look and layout. I do use a hosting service rather than using WordPress itself. I can thoroughly recommend the RV14 kit, everything fits beautifully. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with either kit.

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