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14-07 Wing Ribs Riveted to Spar

IMG 3423

We used a 10” Rivet Set to do the rib front flange/spar web riveting. This is because I wanted to put the Manufactured Head on the rib flange, being the thinner material, and the long set enabled the rib to be gently flexed a small amount to gain access for the gun. A bit of tape wrapped around the set protected the ribs. For once there was easy access for any bucking bar of choice on the forward face of the spar : )

Torque Tube Support Bracket

IMG 3383

Vans suggest that you rivet on the Torque Tube Support Bracket before fitting the root rib, but if you do that it’s impossible to set the rib flange rivets with the manufactured head on the flange as with all the others. So we decided to fit the rib first, and attempt to attach the bracket to the rib afterwards.

IMG 3378

We wanted to secure the rib to provide a stable workpiece for the riveting, and we did this by using clamps and clecoing on a wooden strut.


IMG 3424

Once again I wanted to put the manufactured head on the bracket flange, and due to the rivets on the bracket face it meant access was tight for the rivet set. So on my other 1/8 rivet set I ground off one side, and this allowed easier access. I’m sure this will be useful in other places to come!

There were 7 ribs which had little 426 rivets to set on the forward holes in the top & bottom tabs. We used the rivet gun & mushroom set for these since we were on a roll with the gun! Remember to turn the gun pressure down : )

IMG 3427

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