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Carpentry! Wing Stands

Now that the ribs are attached to the spars, I decided it was time to make a wing stand so I can  get them off the workbenches & store them safely.

I copied other examples on the internet, but changed dimensions to suit the RV14. I built it from 4×2 timber, which works out at 92mm x 44mm in the UK once it has been planed. The long pieces (chasis) are 6×2, and the cross pieces which will have the carpet attached 4×1.

IMG 0083

I’d planned the length to be 2.4m, but the timber store had a massive 5.1m length of 6×2 which they cut in half for me. I adjusted the length so that the carpet would straddle two nose rib positions, hence providing robust support, & also avoiding getting anywhere near the landing light.

The root end is slightly smaller in height to allow for the spar step bar thickness.

IMG 3405

I put some guide blocks and dowels at the root support end to ensure nothing slips off!

I’d originally planned to put on various other cross braces, since on paper it looked a bit wobbly. However, once built with No5 screws and PVA glue it was amazingly robust, so I didn’t bother. Good job I don’t design aeroplanes, or they’d be massively over-engineered : )

Actually, I suspect the chassis built from 4×2 would be good enough.

IMG 3408

I put a piece of timber across the carpet support end to prop up the spars until I have attached the leading edge.

IMG 3407

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